“I love my hair because it’s versatile and empowering, and it makes a statement. There is no better accessory than my fro. Everyone knows I’m obsessed with Diana Ross. I often use her Afros as examples. But I have to admit, I’ve never quite seen one like my mom’s in photos from back in the day. I’ve played with many silhouettes and textures. I’ve styled it in a triangle, added pieces for length, and compacted it for a tight square crop. I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as complete originality. All you can do is take the power of something so legendary and try to put your own stank on it.”

Solange Knowles




"Waste of good ammo. It’s my privilege to buy you a replacement box."

"All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity."

"I thank all Police, you are the ‘Thin Blue Line’ protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages. America is surely at the tipping point."

Just a few quotes (in case it’s hard to read) from that collection of donation messages for Darren Wilson.

Does anyone else want to say it’s not about race?

It’s not about race remember.. You’re racist for calling people racist remember.. Lol
People don’t change and history always repeats itself..

I’m sorry this horrible. I really tried to take a different approach to this. I tried to go ABOVE the entire racist factor, but how can anyone continue to be silent and “nice and civil” about this?!